The Montblanc Legend Red fragrance now completes the range of emblematic fragrances of the house with the white star. For the occasion, Montblanc offers a brand ambassador in the person of Zinedine Zidane. Luxurious and fresh, faithful to a brand image well established since 1906, what is the Montlblanc Legend Red eau de parfum worth? Test and review !

Montblanc Legend Red Eau de Parfum review

The bottle: a scarlet flask that does not go unnoticed

For this new iteration of the Legend fragrance, Montblanc has chosen to match its bottle to its collection of leather goods and sartorial accessories. It is therefore the red that is in the spotlight this time. The shape of the bottle remains classic, and retains all the codes of the other perfumes of the brand: clean and rounded lines, and a metal cap that has become iconic, stamped with the Montblanc emblem on top. Far from being discreet, it catches the eye immediately. A chance to be doubly noticed when you spray it at the office or before a date.

Plus, the size and shape of the bottle make it easy to carry around. It will quickly become a must-have in your bag, more than your shelf, and that’s the goal.

Montblanc Legend Red: A fresh and woody citrus scent

What you perceive from the first moments of spraying is the citrus. The top notes based on blood orange and grapefruit are very recognizable. More discreetly, as a support, come to add light notes of cedar and juniper berries, even sage for the finest noses. This combination brings solidity and masculinity to this fresh and fruity base. It is a rather original cocktail, but it works very well, especially thanks to a very good balance between the different ingredients.

Finally, as the day progresses, it is the mahogany wood and tonka bean that will bring their complexity, and that do not let us forget that we are facing a Montblanc perfume. Fresh and light indeed, but robust and luxurious.

A fragrance for men with a clear pioneering spirit

It’s a refreshing walk in the forest, a walk along the banks of an icy river lost in the mountains, that this new Montblanc fragrance proposes. The choice of Zinedine Zidane as the muse for this fragrance is not insignificant. Intended for the serene, self-confident man, this fragrance underlines the enterprising and pioneering spirit that characterizes the first heroes from whom the brand draws its inspiration: the mountaineers and cold weather adventurers. Confidence, maturity and woody freshness, the mix is successful.

Opinion on the eau de parfum Montblanc Legend Red after use

As always with Montblanc perfumes, the hold on the skin and clothes is very good. After all, it is an eau de parfum, so it has a juice much more concentrated in olfactory agents than an eau de toilette. The different layers of the olfactory pyramid are revealed little by little as the day goes on, thanks to the warmth of the skin.

To keep its power and its hold on clothes, it will be necessary to think of spraying again in the middle of the day, and at the beginning of the evening, in case an exit is prepared without returning by the house.

Its fresh and woody character makes it rather a summer or mid-season perfume. Winter scents are generally warmer and spicier. Nevertheless, thanks to a rather warm final note brought by the tonka bean, the Montblanc Legend Red perfume for m can be worn in winter without looking too out of place. It will bring a touch of originality in the olfactory landscape of your winter evenings.

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