Ah London! Big Ben, the City, Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Westminster… An unmissable city that we often discover on a school trip and to which we return later with our family or for business. But, as in all capitals, the slightest activity puts a strain on the budget.

Some museums are overpriced, not to mention restaurants and transportation. Nevertheless, there are some very affordable activities, good plans for less than 50 Dollars that allow you to discover and enjoy London without breaking the bank. Let me guide you…

5 activites in London under 50 dollars

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1. Following in the footsteps of famous people

If there are two characters that stick to this city, they are Harry Potter and the more sinister Jack the Ripper. The former can be found at the King’s Cross railway station, a short distance north of the British Museum. We go back to the world of the hero imagined by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter Shop, of course, and on its famous 9/4 platform where we can take a cheap souvenir photo. I don’t hide you that sometimes, the place is a bit crowded!

For those who are more inclined to unsolved crimes, there is nothing better than a road trip at nightfall on the places once surveyed, knife in hand, by the one nicknamed Jack the Riper. It all takes place in the White Chapel area, not far from the Tower of London. Walk through the streets that were once the hunting ground of the most famous serial killer. Guaranteed to be scary!

For less than $10 you can get a round trip tube ticket!

2. Ride the city by bus

No, I’m not talking about a tourist bus tour with a ticket costing more than $100, but about getting lost in London! If you want to visit London, you might as well do it in a Routemaster, this old bus with the same scarlet color as the phone booths and also called double-decker bus. With an Oyster Card (transport card), whose price is quite affordable, boarding these mammoths of London public transport is a must.

Beware, most of them have been modernized. So to take a seat in an old school Routemaster, I recommend the line 15, which runs from the Tower of London to Trafalgar Square, passing by Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Direct boarding by the back platform, and let’s go for almost half an hour of visit at the rhythm of the London traffic.

3. Travel within Covent Garden itself

Are you a fan of music, spices and old books? Covent Garden is the place for you. I sincerely recommend this former market place adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of London.

The Apple Garden has kept its old-fashioned freshness and still offers local products that will delight the taste buds of any gourmet. Best of all, there is always a band playing a little tune or a concert open to all that will thrill the audience.

Between melodies and scents, one or two hours spent in this place will certainly make you forget the often dull weather of the capital, and without necessarily spending a penny.

4. Get a good view of the Sky Garden

In London, there is the Shard, the highest building in Europe, 310 meters high, which offers a breathtaking view of the city from the south bank of the Thames. Yes, but I don’t hide from you that to get there, you have to pay about 30 pounds, which is not cheap if you come with your family… Especially when you know that on the other side is Sky Garden and its famous Sky Pod Bar!

Located on the top floor of the skyscraper called the Talkie-Walkie, it also offers a sensational view of the capital. And I assure you that it is quite high! The garden is entirely open to the public. You will be able to see in a moment all the monuments that make the beauty of London, and observe behind huge windows the boats that sail below. The only constraint? Remember to register for the free visit on the official Sky Garden website!

5. Simply enjoy London !

Why pay to admire? I must admit that the streets of London are so atypical that it is absolutely useless to spend a single ticket to enter somewhere when everything is visible from the outside. A simple walk in Camden Town is enough to be convinced.

In the north of the city and bordering Regent’s Park, this Mecca of punk, gothic, disco and now even alterglobalist cultures is a sight to behold for those who take the trouble to look up. Facades decorated with tags or sculptures, each more psychedelic than the other.

An atmosphere of flea markets, a young population… Everything is there to spend a good time, and why not see the houses where Charles Dickens lived and Amy Winehouse left us.

Once again here, a simple round trip by subway and you’re in business!

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