We don’t choose the shape of our face. And that’s a shame. Because many of us would check off the square jaw! It is indeed a beautiful jaw, very virile that many stars are proud to wear.

But what do we do with our round chins? Well, did you know that you can correct Mother Nature’s mistake and with some effort get a squarer jawline? I’ll explain it all to you.

have a square jawline

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The square jawline, the top!

Even if this type of jaw has not always been the trend lately, it has come back in force and today, all men dream of having this terribly virile jaw, a bit vintage. In addition to the visual and aesthetic aspect, the square jaw has also for it to rejuvenate our figure. These very defined and clean lines counter the effects of aging on our face.

So ready to transform your basic jawline into a dream jawline (yes, I’m exaggerating a bit, but dreaming never hurts). Let’s go.

A little bit of gym?

Several exercises can be done regularly to change your jaw. By strengthening it, the square effect will be clearer.

Let’s start with the simplest. Did you know that by smiling you will build up your jaw? And muscle is the key to a square jaw! So depending on your character, you can smile at everyone on the street (yes, it can look a little fishy in some circumstances, it’s up to you) or smile in front of your mirror. It’s simple isn’t it?

Well, now that you’ve got that routine down, let’s get on with it.

Facial gymnastics can also be very useful for building up your face. One exercise in particular will do your jaw a lot of good. No stress, it’s not complicated.

Tilt your head back while lifting your chin. At the same time, bring your lips together as if you wanted to kiss (or pout, depending on your mood). Tense all your muscles and hold the position for at least 5 seconds. This will seem like a silly thing to do, but if you repeat the exercise at least 10 times in a row several times a day, you’ll see that you’ll quickly feel that your muscles have worked. This is a really good technique to transform your jaw.

Have you kept your childlike spirit? That’s fine. You’ll like it. This other solution is indeed to do the fish mouth. This contracts all the muscles of the jaw and therefore they will intensify at best.

Another exercise, ideal for those who spend their day sitting at their desk. Place your elbows on the surface (any flat surface will do). Your forearms should be straight, fists clenched. Close your mouth and rest your chin on your fists. With your fists closed, press your jaw while trying to open your mouth. Repeat this exercise often as it is very good for building up your lower face.

You can also press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as long and as often as possible. This is the mewing technique, very popular on social networks nowadays.

Use accessories

Gymnastics is great, but you can also use a few small accessories to transform yourself.

First of all, chewing gum. Yes, chewing strengthens your muscles! Choose sugar-free chewing gum for better hygiene. I should also mention that there are specific chewing gums to get a square jaw! Incredible isn’t it! These are harder to chew than the classic ones. So they will be more effective.

You can also use small accessories that have appeared on the market recently: jaw exercisers. These are small balls that you place under your teeth. They will strengthen your jaw with precise exercises (just read the instructions).

The beard can also change the appearance of your lower face. The beard is indeed an excellent ally to “make believe” that you have a square jaw. Grow your beard and adopt a low neckline. Adopt a well-defined line.

Here is an accessory well rated on Amazon but I did not test it!

A few more things

I’ll probably surprise you, but sleeping well can also play a role in having a square jaw. It can indeed help to eliminate fat and therefore the double chin so harmful to the square jaw.

Staying well hydrated can also help. A good hydration allows you to build up your muscles better. Drinking water is a way to improve the blood circulation of the face and therefore to strengthen the muscles more easily.

Finally, if none of this appeals to you, there is still an unstoppable trick: plastic surgery. Well, I just told you, it’s radical. But you will have the satisfaction of seeing your jaw become square faster.

Jawline contouring is then what you need. Let me introduce you to the technique in a few words. It is really very simple. At first reserved for the female stars of Hollywood, the process quickly conquered the gentlemen. Hyaluronic acid injections are made along the mandibular bone. The protruding aspects are then enhanced (the masseters, the muscles that allow you to chew, have a sharper right angle). It is really very effective and it remains unmatched in its discretion. In addition, the result remains in place for 18 to 24 months. To date, the technique is still confidential, but I bet it will seduce a great number of men. It is not painful and it is fast (only two injections are needed). It is, on the other hand, a bit expensive. Indeed, it is necessary to count around 750 euros for the two injections.

Now you know more about how to transform your face according to your desires, or at least to obtain a pretty square jaw. The number one secret is to build up the muscles of your mandibles (I remind you that these are composed of the lowering muscles, the chin muscle, the masseter muscle and the skin muscle, so you will be able to show your science!) with regularity. So are you ready? You’re just a few steps away from seeing your jaw become more masculine.

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