Why should only women take care of their hair? Any stylish, self-respecting man should also pamper his hair, not only for his own personal well-being, but also because our hair is visible to everyone, and it’s the first thing you see in someone. So I decided to tell you about Christophe Robin Sandalwood Day Cream.

A lot of men, even if they take care of their look and their physique, don’t think about their hair or, if they do think about it, they have absolutely no idea which product to use and are lost when they see the mass of products that exist on the market.

For good reason, I am the first to notice that the shelves of supermarkets, cosmetic stores and parapharmacies are overflowing with all kinds of hair products. But, some of these products are of much better quality than others…

This is the case of the Sandalwood Hair Day Cream by Christophe Robin that I discovered and that I recommend you to test as soon as possible if you have long or medium-length hair, especially if you straighten your hair, it can damage it and taking care of it is very important.

Christophe Robin Sandalwood Day Cream review

Christophe Robin Hair Cream: effects and virtues

It is a moisturizing day milk that penetrates deeply into the hair without weighing it down and acts to combat dryness and prevent split ends. It also has an anti-breakage effect. Its texture is very pleasant, non-greasy and non-sticky and above all it contains no alcohol. Its daily use will repair your weakened and damaged hair, in short, it will give it a second life.

In addition to these nourishing and repairing virtues, the cream has a styling effect for us men by giving a natural hold to our hairstyle. Small more, it is suitable for all hair types…

So gentlemen, you can lend it to Madam who will be convinced too. If one of you has curly hair, the cream will help to define the curls in the most natural way possible without any foamy or greasy effect.

A daily ritual for visible effectiveness

This hair cream will become your favorite daily ritual. Just because we’re men doesn’t mean we don’t take a little time to take care of ourselves before starting the day, but we like it to be quick, because many of us are in a hurry in the morning.

With this cream, you will save precious time because it is very simple to apply. Just put a dab of it on your fingertips and apply it along the length of your hair or just on your ends. You are then ready to start the day with nourished, soft, silky, shiny, disciplined hair…

In short, sublime hair. In addition to the rest, you will become a fan of its smell which is divine and which remains several hours.

Many of us have already tested other hair creams and beyond their uncertain effectiveness, they often give a greasy appearance to the hair. I can assure you that Christophe Robin’s hair cream is just the opposite: a natural look, a subtle and effective product that gives dull hair a well-kept appearance and above all, without any effort.

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Very good value for money

Perhaps, like many people, you are often hesitant to put your hand to the wallet when buying skin care products, yet the price often explains the difference in effectiveness between two products.

But what’s the right price to transform your dull, damaged hair? This treatment costs between 29 and 32 euros for the 100 ML bottle and I think it’s an excellent value for money, because it’s a quality product and a recognized brand.

This price is all the more derisory when you know that each Christophe Robin product is unique and that no equivalent can be found on the market. In addition to the rest, all the products of this brand, including this cream, are guaranteed without paraben, silicone, SLS and dye.

So, what more could you ask for? Beware, if you test, you risk becoming an addict in your turn!

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