Louis Vuitton

The year was 1854, and train travel was at its height of transportation popularity. At his desk sat a young designer—Louis Vuitton—who was determined to create a line of luxury, stackable trunks.

The sturdy, weatherproof, yet stylish trunks soon rose to fame, and the rest—as they say—is history.  A history that the Louis Vuitton brand has helped to shape, at least in the fashion world.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the brand’s iconic brown pattern emerged, but today the LV signature stamp is recognized the world over.

For most of the first century in business the fashion house only produced a line of luggage and bags. But in 1997, Marc Jacobs was brought on as its first creative director, and a ready-to-wear fashion line emerged.

LV for Men—Be in the Know With These 7 Product Recommendations

Known for its many designer collaborations, the LV brand has a line of menswear that combines nightclub and street style, together with a decidedly French flair of sophistication.

Today, Virgil Abloh directs the mens’ fashion line for the brand and his collections tend to sell out quickly.  Here are some of the items not to be overlooked.

Christopher Backpack

Sleek, functional and understated, this is a great choice for bringing a touch of sophistication into the office life. Large enough to accommodate a tablet or laptop and with multiple functional side pockets, it is made with the signature, supple leather the brand is famous for.

Multi Pocket Utility Shirt

Featuring a square collar, “3D pockets,” and an updated hip-length cut, we can see why this shirt is featured in Abloh’s latest Staples Edition.

Inside Out Cashmere Crewneck

Inside out-hipness, oh-so-soft buttery wool, and subtle logo styling make this sweater a capsule wardrobe essential.

Monogram Essential Stole

Made from 100% cotton and featuring the classic LV monogram pattern, this lightweight scarf is intended for summer, but would look smashing with a woolen winter suit as well. We love the super-saturated blue dye, as well as the tiny fringe detail.

LV Trainer Sneaker

Maybe “sneaker boots” are a new thing to you, and in that case, why not start with the best of the best? This hi-top sneaker features a double-padded cuff and the signature of Louis Vuitton himself, along with a nod to his April birthdate with the “408” side stamp.

Reversible Monogram Puffer Jacket

When you have a brand pattern known to all, why not use it as an all over embroidered feature? However, if you’re feeling a more understated look is appropriate, flip the jacket inside out, displaying only its clean lines and subtle LV signature.

Enveloppe Carte de Visite

In a world of plastic, the need for bulky wallets is becoming obsolete. For this this card holder, we love the pairing of the classic brown LV motif, but in an updated wallet functionality warranted for today’s use.

Steamer PM

Closing out the list, we’re including a throwback to a bag first created at the turn of the 20th Century.

With just a few updates from Abloh from its 1901 original release, this messenger bag oozes with a style that’s both effortless and cool.

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