More and more series are becoming social phenomena. We discuss them with friends or colleagues, wait for the next episode or watch the whole season at once (or even more!).

Everyone has their own references, from the most glamorous series to the most violent. But to make things easier for you if you’re wondering which series to watch in the next few days, I’ve done a little research for you and come up with a top 19 list of the best series not to be missed.

best TV shows of all time

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1. La Casa De Papel

This recent series is already a classic. I have to admit, I was skeptical. Another series about a heist, and a non-American one at that! But from the very first episode, I was hooked!

It’s the story of two very different bank robbers who want to make money in a completely illegal way. The Professor, the boss, has planned everything down to the last detail, but of course it’s not going to be that simple. We love these personalities, we’re totally immersed in the stressful atmosphere, and we too want to have as much stamina as the orange-suited, Dali-masked heroes who’ve become famous.

2. Game of Thrones

This mythical series offers a totally different universe. Dragons, a struggle for power, a fearsome winter approaching with its dangerous creatures. Everything is there to transport us elsewhere. The series is tough (we’ve lost count of the number of deaths – even heroes are killed!), but totally immersive.

The settings are exceptional, the stories are cruel. In short, everything is there to leave a lasting impression. The adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novels is a real success. You’re surprised, you’re stressed, you choose sides and change, in short, it’s a series that deserves its place in the top 20. To watch it is to be part of the adventure!

3. The Simpsons

What, a cartoon? That’s right! The Simpsons is first and foremost a series for adults that tells the story of Homer Simpson’s family. But it’s not just about the “extraordinary” adventures of these average Americans. Above all, it’s a satire of American society and lifestyle. We laugh a lot, but we also think a lot. In fact, it’s one of the most-watched streaming series in the world.

4. Breaking Bad

A hero who starts out totally ordinary: a chemistry teacher with incurable cancer who needs money to ensure his family’s future (his wife is pregnant, his son disabled). So far, so funny. But this scientist is resourceful and is going to manufacture and sell methamphetamine! He teams up with a former student turned small-time dealer. Their “business” succeeds, but it also turns their lives upside down.

The shows focuses on personalities, relationships between characters, betrayals and friendship, values that sometimes have to be turned upside down… Added to this is an immersive setting that takes us elsewhere. In short, a series that is both simple and complex.

5. Friends

Well, there are the undeniable fans and those who have remained totally impervious to this series, but in any case, it has left a lasting impression. We follow the adventures (in love, friendship…) of 6 friends in New York. Initially, the series was doomed to failure, but the actors were able to seduce and create a circle of loyal aficionados. Audiences exploded, and the series is remembered for its comic repartee and cool atmosphere.

6. The Queen’s Gambit

This miniseries (a single 7-episode season) was a real surprise when it launched in 2020. It tells the story of a young woman, from childhood to adulthood. It may seem uninteresting. But wait for the sequel. The orphan has a real talent for chess and will use it to get by. She faces up to the misogyny of this world in the 1950s and has to show her genius both in the game and in everyday life. Subjects such as addiction and loneliness are also on the program.

7. Sherlock

Our good old British detective sees his adventures transposed to the 21st century. He’s played by the perfect Benedict Cumberbatch, who carries out his investigations in the company of his faithful Watson in a high-end setting. We laugh a lot, are kept on our toes at every turn, and are surprised by the investigator’s unique talents. In short, this is a totally immersive series that skilfully dusts off A. Conan Doyle’s work.

8. Stranger Things

We’re plunged into the heart of 1980s Indiana. A group of young teenagers set out to find their missing friend. They discover strange phenomena and an even more supernatural damsel.

We’re plunged into a bizarre investigation where other dimensions aren’t so far away. It’s a refreshing change from classic police investigations, and takes us back in time to discover (or rediscover) the 1980s and its crazy music. The series is well worth the detour, and many consider it one of the best.

9. The Twilight Zone

Between 1959 and 1964, the American series Twilight Zone kept many viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s true that the subject matter was unprecedented. In every episode, the reality of everyday life is disturbed by astonishing phenomena and fantastic worlds where the paranormal and the supernatural are never far away. Above all, it’s one of the most creative series around, challenging viewers to find the keys to the mysteries. It’s also a sharp analysis of American society at the time.

10. Vikings

This mythical series plunges us into history. We follow the adventures of Ragnar, who must protect his family, but also wants to conquer the world. He builds a ship and sets sail for the West, sparking the jealousy and revenge of many. The series is thrilling, violent and, admittedly, disrespectful of history. But who cares, it’s a little gem that has left its mark on the history of series.

11. The Walking Dead

A hot topic at the moment: an epidemic that has affected a large number of the inhabitants of planet Earth. A bitter struggle for survival for those who haven’t been affected. A new world and new rules. In short, a particularly anxious climate that has left its mark.

The heroes have to contend with swarms of zombies, but also with other survivors who can sometimes prove even more formidable. The episodes take us into an incredible post-apocalyptic world. We accompany the survivors, fear for them, react as if we were really there. Every episode is a struggle to live, and that makes this series a rare treat.

12. Dexter

Here we’re confronted with an unusual forensic scientist from the Miami Police Department. Dexter Morgan is indeed a serial killer! But beware, the man doesn’t kill just anyone. He deals with criminals who have been released by the courts. So there’s a moral! We’re inclined to excuse Dexter.

We see him try his hand at love, compassion… Killing is even sometimes difficult for him, even if we can see that he takes great pleasure in dispensing his own justice. The subject matter is disturbing and fascinating, and I have to admit I loved this unusual series, which has been a great success, and rightly so. It’s unusual and complex. In short, Dexter has to be one of the best series ever!

13. Desperate Housewives

This could be the ordinary story of 4 different women in an American residential neighborhood. But in fact, it’s nothing of the sort. These four desperate women are hiding a lot of secrets and have to deal with them. It’s cynical as hell, sometimes totally immoral, but always humorous. The series has been a huge success and a favorite of millions of women, as well as men.

14. The Sopranos

Once upon a time, there was a respected Mafia boss. But on closer inspection, this man has many flaws. He suffers from terrible panic attacks and needs to see a shrink. On top of that, he’s in conflict with his wife, parents and children. He also has to organize his succession within his mafia clan, not to mention his panic fear of spies.

In short, the series portrays a man like any other, struggling daily with the difficulties we all (or almost all!) face. It’s well shot, the scripts are impeccable and the acting is superb. This drama has gained a cult following over the course of 6 seasons.

15. The Mandalorian

Star Wars fans already know what I’m talking about. This series takes place after the fall of the Empire. We follow the adventures of a struggling bounty hunter. He’s hired to find “a 50-year-old living being”. But he turns out to be a “baby Yoda”. He takes his target to his sponsors, then changes his mind and tries to save the child.

And so begins a series of adventures across different territories. It’s a journey into a beautiful imaginary world, and a reflection on human beings and their relationships. The series was very well received when it was first broadcast, and is the most pirated on streaming platforms.

16. This is us

We’re back on earth and in the United States. We explore the life of a normal family. Thanks to flashbacks, we discover their past and better understand what happened. In the end, we enjoy reuniting with these characters, who have the talent to be fascinating without being extraordinary. No violence, no action scenes, nothing shocking, just real life. And that does us a world of good.


17. The Prisoner

Yes, I know, this series isn’t new. It first appeared in 1967 and has remained a cult series ever since. Its totally offbeat, Kafkaesque universe strikes a chord. A secret agent finds himself trapped in a harrowing dystopia. He is assigned number 6. That’s where the famous phrase “I’m not a number” comes from.

He refuses to lose his individuality. And throughout the series, we struggle with him in this anxiety-inducing world. He faces up to statism and confinement, and rebels to regain his freedom, but also his personality. The series may not have been a hit when it was first released, but it has proved to be a great success, and continues to offer the opportunity to reflect on subjects that are as topical as ever.

18. The Wire

Not familiar with this series? That’s hardly surprising. And yet, it’s considered the best series of all time! Drug trafficking is at the heart of this dark story set in Baltimore. Following the death of a drug kingpin, a team is formed comprising various police units. Each season shows a different aspect of the hunt for drug dealers (political struggles, the education system, the media, neighborhoods…).

The characters are the heroes of the series. Meticulous analysis allows us to get to know them as well as possible. As the episodes unfold, we immerse ourselves in this dark city, in these actions that seem doomed to failure. We follow this story with passion.

19. Twin Peaks

Let’s end with a little avant-garde gem. Aesthetics and narration are also worked out in a totally new way. You either love it or hate it, but you’re never insensitive to this strange and particularly heavy atmosphere.

We follow the investigation into the death of a young girl in a seemingly ordinary small town. But it’s nothing of the sort, and we quickly sink into a highly stressful atmosphere. It’s dizzying, stupefying. David Lynch’s work is a must for anyone who loves spellbinding series.

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