While there are plenty of great ways to supe up a golf cart, our list showcases the best ways to improve your seasonal ride on almost any budget.

Ways to Trick Out a Golf Cart

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How to Customize Your Personal Golf Cart

You don’t need to settle for the standard golf cart look. You can customize it to match your personal style with just a few simple tweaks. Here are 10 cool ways to customize a golf cart.

1. Add New Tires

Golf cart wheels are just as customizable as traditional car wheels. At online retailers like Golf Cart Stuff, you can find plenty of wheels and tires to replace the old ones. While you’re at it, why not go the extra mile and buy colored rims? Or, you can go with a classy black or gunmetal rim.

2. Change the Seats

Swap out the standard seats for a pair that are more eye-catching. You can choose different colors and styles, such as colored plaid or camouflage. Or, if you want to make a statement, try custom-painted seats with a unique design. There are plenty of companies that offer this.

If you want to go the luxury route, you should consider adding leather upholstery. If you’re purchasing leather, buy a fabric cover to protect the seat from the harsh sun and heavy rain.

3. Upgrade the Controller

An upgraded speed controller allows for quicker acceleration and greater torque, both of which are necessary for maintaining performance. While you don’t have to upgrade the controller on all golf carts, it’s essential that you do if you add a lift kit or larger wheels to drive rugged terrain.

4. Install a Lift Kit

Lift kits allow your golf cart to ride on off-road terrain, which is perfect for any golfer that likes to rough it. Once installed, you can add larger tires and wheels to most golf carts. There are different lift kits available, but the most popular options include spindle, axle, and long travel.

Spindle lifts offer a wider stance and more stability, while axle lifts replace the front axle with a drop axle. Finally, long travel lifts provide maximum comfort for long off-roading adventures.

5. Install LED Lights

Customize your ride with LED lights. You can add light strips to the exterior of the cart or line the wheel wells with a bright, multi-colored light show. If you’re a fan of golfing at night, an LED strip light can be a fun way to get your friend’s attention or to prevent other drivers from hitting you.

6. Customize the Paint Job

Take your paint job from boring to bold. Choose from bright colors to create a clash of patterns, or opt for a custom paint job with a unique design. You can even choose wraps that look like animal prints! Painting your own golf cart is easy, or at least it’s easier than painting a car!

With that said, you’ll need to gather the right equipment if you want to do it right the first time. Don’t forget a respirator, as paint made for vehicles is filled with toxic chemicals and solvents.

7. Add Custom Decals

Break up the paint job with decals. Choose whimsical images like cartoons or sayings, or go for edgier options like skulls and flames. You’re only limited by your imagination. To ensure your decals stay on your golf cart for a long time, purchase them from a high-quality business.

8. Install a Stereo System

Bring your music with you in your golf cart with a wireless stereo system. You can choose a waterproof one or install speakers in the wheel wells to create a unique sound. It’s a good idea to install a Bluetooth system if you can, as you’ll easily be able to connect your phone to it.

The struts and the front dash are the two most likely places you’ll install a Bluetooth system because it looks better. Make sure to add a phone mount to keep the system in position.

9. Put on Decorative Lenses

Switch up the look of your headlights and tail lights with decorative lenses. Choose from chrome, clear, or colored lenses to add a dash of style to the exterior. Whether you’re going for the clear or colored option, consider upgrading your lights so they shine brighter on the course.

10. Update Your Windshield

Golf carts don’t always come with a windshield, but anyone who’s taken a golf-based vacation has seen those fancy carts with tinted glass. You can have that on your golf cart as well, and it won’t cost much if you already have a windshield. If not, this upgrade could get a bit pricey.


Either way, update your windshield with a black or red tinted one for a sleeker look. Or, for a more striking effect, go for a split windshield. Make sure your windshield includes UV protection.

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