Getting in a car accident is a scary experience, but it becomes more terrifying when you receive an injury, the other party is incapacitated, or either party dies. Accidents can happen quickly, and even if no one is hurt in the accident, a simple fender bender can lead to emotional and financial turmoil. To avoid this, practice defensive driving maneuvers or avoid common causes.

Avoid Being in a Car Accident

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Getting a Settlement if You’re Injured in an Accident

If you were injured in an accident and you don’t live in a no-fault state, you can hire a lawyer to handle your car accident settlement claim. Typically, an insurance provider won’t give you a reimbursement high enough to cover your medical costs, lost wages, or pain and suffering. An attorney can fight for the compensation you deserve to help you mitigate your situation.

9 Common Causes of Car Accidents

1. Distracted Driving

At the top of the list is distracted driving. In 2019, 3,142 people were killed by distracted driving, and thousands more were injured. Cell phone use is a common distraction, but talking to another passenger, eating, and adjusting the radio are other typical accident causers.

2. Drunk Driving

Never, ever drink and drive. It isn’t worth the risk, and no one is capable of driving properly while incapacitated. The CDC concluded that 10,497 people died from alcohol-impaired driving (28% of all traffic-related deaths) crashes. Call a ride share service or take the bus if you plan to drink.

3. Snow and Ice

You’d think that drivers who live in a colder climate would be used to winter conditions, but you’d be wrong. Most drivers have to adjust between seasons, and snow, water, and ice are difficult to predict at the best of times. Buy winter tires and keep your distance from other cars to stay safe.

4. Rain or Thunderstorms

Weather conditions play a large factor in accidents, and rain is one of the most common causes of hydroplaning. You can quickly lose control in the rain, and you may spin out or skid while braking if you aren’t careful. Slow down when it rains, or avoid the highway if possible.

5. Speeding/Reckless Driving

Everyone on the road must drive carefully to avoid car accidents, which includes driving the speed limit, not making sharp turns, and changing lanes too quickly or without a signal. Follow the rules of the road to improve your reaction time, so you can become a better defensive driver.

6. Night Driving/Night Blindness

Plenty of drivers experience ‘Night Blindness,’ which is the inability to see well at night or in poorly lit rooms. It’s difficult to see ahead in low light conditions, and if a car does suddenly appear in your line of sight, you won’t be able to react in time. Avoid night driving if possible.

7. Unsafe Turns or Lane Changes

Drivers must use their signals and check for blind spots when turning a corner or changing lanes, or you’re more likely to cause an accident. When drivers ignore these guidelines, it can be harder for others to know where you’re going and when which affects their ability to drive.

8. Tailgating or Other Road Rage Behaviors

Driving while angry is a big mistake because your ability to reason is inhibited. It’s frustrating to witness poor or reckless driving behaviors, but you need to remain calm and not tailgate or speed past them. If you see a road rager, get out of their way without acknowledging them.

9. Vehicle Deficiencies

While you can’t predict if a car off the lot will be defective, you can top up your car with oil changes, new tires, or brakes. If you neglect to service your car, you’re more likely to get into easily preventable accidents because you couldn’t brake in time or your tires lacked traction.

Starting with a quality vehicle in the first place is also important in this context, as you want to be confident that the vehicle is reputably sourced and supplied without maintenance worries. Looking for trustworthy purveyors of second hand rides in your region, whether that’s at EchoPark in Thornton, Colorado or anywhere else in the world, is therefore necessary to stay safe.

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