Wine is one of the great symbols of gastronomy and the French art of living. For centuries, it has graced the finest tables, as well as the most basic dinners. Of course, it is possible to drink wine in all simplicity, without going to any trouble. But to perfect the experience, it may be useful to equip yourself with some accessories. These accessories will allow you to enhance the beverage and get the best out of it. Come on, follow me, I will guide you.

accessories for wine lovers

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1. The decanter

What is the purpose of a decanter? Well, everything depends on the age of your bottle.

Indeed, you should know that a young wine needs to be aerated before being served. This is to oxygenate it and to calm down the ardor of its aromas which can be very powerful. On the contrary, an old wine should be protected from a shock with the ambient air, which could dissolve too quickly its olfactory molecules in the air.

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Moreover, these old wines tend to develop lees. You know, that little deposit at the bottom of the bottle or glass. The decanter will therefore allow these little parasitic elements that I hate to separate from the wine. So you’ll need to choose your decanter according to the wine you want to put in it: the classic decanter to aerate it, the decanter to clarify it and protect it from the air.

2. The corkscrew

Before tasting your wine, you will have to open the bottle. To do this, you must use a corkscrew. There are dozens of them, and many different systems are available. The simplest ones just use manual force. You screw the rod into the cork. You pull. That’s it, your bottle is open. But some corkscrews offer much more complex mechanics to extract the cork. With cogwheels and levers, opening a bottle can become a fun exercise. And finally, the more complicated the system seems, the less physical effort you will have to make. And I find that opening a bottle with this kind of tool in front of a stunned audience is still a great pleasure.

Prestige Waiters Corkscrew By Coutale Sommelier - Blackwood - Handmade and Sustainable Pinewood Crate - French Patented Spring-Loaded Double Lever Wine Bottle Opener for Bartenders and Gifts
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  • FRAME AND HANDLE IN SOLID STAINLESS STEEL – Our Prestige Blackwood by Coutale Sommelier is built on a base of Solid Stainless Steel. From here, a slab of hand-cut Blackwood is affixed to the frame via stainless steel rivets. The end product? A corkscrew that is as aesthetically gorgeous as it is useful. Made of practical lines, The Prestige Blackwood by Coutale Sommelier is as comfortable opening 100’s of bottles a night as it is on display at home.
  • STAINLESS STEEL GROOVED WORM – The Prestige line of corkscrews by Coutale Sommelier features a stainless steel grooved worm. Not only is the worm gorgeous – crafted from a single piece of stainless steel – but furthermore it is practical. The groove in the worm creates friction between the cork and the worm, allowing for greater tension and a smoother cork pull.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SERRATED KNIFE – The Prestige line of corkscrews comes equipped with a Stainless Steel Serrated Knife. Unlike the dull standard-issue knives on most corkscrews our Stainless Steel Serrated knife cleanly cuts the foil, allowing for an even cut across the foil and a clean removal. No more torn foils with the Prestige by Coutale Sommelier.
  • COUTALE SOMMELIER PINE WOOD CRATE – Reminiscent of wooden wine crates the Prestige Rosewood comes packaged in a crate equal in sophistication. French-designed and made in California of sustainable pine wood the Coutale Sommelier Crate is finished with a hot stamp that bears its trademark name – an homage to both the California and French wine countries.

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3. The wine glass

This accessory has two functions. The first one is purely aesthetic. What could be better than a beautiful glass, with pleasant and harmonious shapes, to decorate a table? Well matched with the cutlery and plates, it is possible to create very beautiful things on a table. But the glass also has an essential function in the tasting. Indeed, the glass must meet certain criteria in order to magnify your wine. First of all, it must be transparent (and clean). This will allow you to admire the color of the wine you pour into it.

Secondly, it should have a suitable shape. Ideally, it should be wide enough at the bottom (so that the wine mixes with the air), and narrower at the top (to concentrate the aromas). Finally, it will need a foot that allows you to hold it without your hand being in direct contact with the wine. This will prevent the body heat from heating the wine prematurely. This will keep the wine at tasting temperature for longer, and the tasting can be prolonged in an optimal way.

4. The bottle holder

The essential accessory for a successful presentation. If you have decided to present your wine in its original bottle, it would be a shame to simply put it on the table without any other form of approval. A bottle holder will allow you to keep the bottle in a semi-recumbent position for ventilation. But it will also embellish your table and give it the decoration it deserves.

It is, in fact, quite easy to invent a theme for an evening, and to place here or there small reminders. For an evening centered on nature for example, you can choose a bottle holder made of a vine. On the contrary, if you want to go for an industrial decor, a metal bottle holder will be perfectly adapted.

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5. The “wine workshop” gift card

The accessory that we offer or that we offer ourselves, and that can make the difference. A wine tasting is the trend of the moment. Accompanied by a professional, a workshop that takes place in a cellar, a bar, or even at home, will make you and your guests true connoisseurs.

You will learn the basics of wine making and the history of wine. But above all, you will learn how to taste and appreciate it at its true value. Your eye, your nose, your mouth, all your senses will be awakened. And in the end, terms like astringent, robust or syrupy will no longer hold any secrets for you. I prefer by far the home workshops, which allow you to stay at home and invite friends to participate. Good atmosphere guaranteed!

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