Fan of Surfing? Come and checkout the last Surfwear hot trend for 2022 guys !

The 90s are back, boys! While the frosted tips of the surfer-boy hype have (thankfully) not made a resurgence, many top fashion brands have turned to all-things-surf and surf-culture for inspiration in their 2022 fashion lines. Keen to embrace the playful 90s spirit for yourself? Let’s take a look!

Practical and Comfortable

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment- for most of us, surf was never out. While we may be seeing a return to Y2K trends in fashion at the moment, the basics of surf culture are just practical, comfy hot-weather clothing, and most of us are suckers for comfort. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re lucky enough to have near year-round sun, even if the surf is lacking as we sit at our air-conned desks dreaming of the beach.

And for those of us old enough to think of Gen Z as ‘kids’ still, it’s kind of funny to see all the trends we grew up with come back- a nice shout-out to our parents, who watched 1960s and 70s trends come surging back decades later. In a world on a serious nostalgia kick, what fashion goodies do we have to look forward to?

Dopamine Dressing

The resurgence of surf in our wardrobes is part of a larger fashion phenomenon known as ‘dopamine dressing’, or ‘sunshine fever’. Who wants to spend all their life worrying about clingy suits and the next email deadline, after all?


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So 2022’s take on surfwear isn’t just about the practical, but also the avante garde and the fun, things that make us sit up, dream, and think of happy, sunshine-drenched days on the beach. Add a touch of style and sophistication, and your girlfriend may even be happy to be seen in public with you in your newly rejuvenated surfwear!

Anklets and Necklaces

One of the subtlest nods to surf culture is the return of nature-based jewelry for men and women. And let’s be honest, guys. The girls have had too much fun here without us. While you may have gotten away with the odd fancy cufflink and chain, it’s still a bit of a novelty to see trendy men’s jewelry out in the wild.


Not anymore! While you might want to upgrade the look a little from the leather thongs and shark’s teeth of the genuine 90s grunge look, it’s time to have a little fun with casual jewelry. Bone, leather, and wood are back with abandon, as are super-classy glass and resin looks that have beach-chic written all over them. You can even rock an anklet or two if you dare.

Bright and Bold

Another way to bring serious beach vibes to the table without going too out-there is turning to color. Bold prints evocative of tropical locations are in. And no, that doesn’t mean hiding your burgeoning beer belly under Hawaiian shirts, either! A jolly, but slim and fitted, madras shirt can bring a splash of color to the table without going off the rails. Pair it up with some (classy) leather sandals (no socks, though) and casual chinos, and you’ve got a surfer-meets-playboy vibe going that will have the girls swooning. Hey, even your momma will be proud enough to frame a photo!

Reimagining Board Shorts

While the days of sauntering around with shorts falling off may be gone, the board short is not. Let’s be brutal- not all of us are keen to be seen in teeny-tiny banana hammocks and speedos at the beach, and we’re certainly not taking them out on the town, either.

Surfwear: Hot Trends for 2022

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Luckily, the modern board short offers you a great pair of shorts that you can use on your run, or just for chilling out and enjoying the vibes, without worrying about flashing the neighborhood or scaring the kids. Even the ladies get a look in on this one, with women’s board shorts reinvented to a fitted, but practical, swim short that’s a great alternative to standard tankinis.

Rashguards and More

Of course, if you’re actually headed to the beach, and not just bringing a touch of beach culture to your day, it’s time to be sun smart, too. This is 2022, guys- embrace the sunscreen and stay safe out there! Rash guards and other surfwear have seen a full revitalization that means you can play in the waves all day without burning to a crisp. And hey- why not grab a scrub or two from your favorite men’s skincare line to keep everything looking fabulous on date night, too?

Surf culture with a sophisticated twist is in, and Summer’s right around the corner. What nods to this hottest new menswear trend will you be making? Whether it’s keeping it funky day-to-day, or heading to the beach, there’s plenty to play with in this hot new trend.

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