Why is it harder to study in the UK? I’ll try to describe a few of the main reasons I myself have noticed. So, there are 5 signs of severity and a pledge of quality in British higher education.

Lean in the UK

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1. Plagiarism control and copyright

It’s probably the number one remedy against student laziness. It is not customary here to make essays using the “ctrl+C ctrl+V” method, let alone download them from the Internet, or to write off whole paragraphs from manuals or textbooks in reports.  If you notice this, you will get zero points unconditionally.

Of course, it is obligatory to refer to other sources, but it is vital to specify the original source. No work is accepted without a fair list of literature, which should be formalized by all rules, so you should contact only proved paper writing service. For example, a report on laboratory work requires no more than 4 sheets, but with reference to the original source, ie, only three and a half sheets. Plus there is an electronic plagiarism checking system (“Turn-it-in”).

2. The policy of “zero ratings”

Didn’t pass on time – zero points. Certificates after the examination date are not accepted. Can’t pass on time for objective reasons – bring a special paper from the hospital even before the deadline.

Two of the same papers? Zero points. Both of them. My friend had one big work last semester on the last day before the deadline and my foreign mates asked to watch it. He turned them down. On the pretext of “I don’t want you to rewrite my mistakes.” This may sound silly, but I’m sure he was right.

3. You can’t cheat

You can’t cheat and you don’t want to. And during the semester and the exams. In exams, it’s purely physically impossible. After my friend described how my exams were held here, one person wrote to him, saying, “I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN OFF, I’m a pro in this”.  Well done, man, congratulations! You’ve got something to be proud of. I like to be proud of other things. No, I’m glad they don’t cheat here. Or at least I see what my eyes want to see here.

Although, he received a mass warning from the university administration during the exam session that a couple of people were caught cheating during the exam.  They were promised “administrative measures”. This means that they will either be removed all points for this particular subject, or zeroed for the entire semester, or expelled. The second most likely. And why take that risk? It’s a pleasure to have something in your head.

4. It’s not profitable not to study.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s that impression. There’s a lot of people in the library on Saturday and Sunday. The library – lives, a lot of students study there all the time. And a lot of literature is taken, read.

5.  You can’t “charm” professors

When he has finishing school and going to university, they gave me advice: “Always sit on the first desk and look at the teacher in the eye and make a good first impression. Then the exam will be easier.

That’s what he used to do most of the time. That’s basically what he does now, here in Wales. But! The difference is, he used to get grades with a machine or just “for beautiful eyes” and nobody here cares. The same conditions: a written anonymous exam or written papers.

An old and good story from a friend, that I hope will help you study in the UK!

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