It’s usually recording artists and movie stars who drive fashion trends, acting as the clothes horses for all the biggest labels and brands. However, as social media encourages people from a multitude of backgrounds to up their fashion game, there is now a new generation of fashionistas who are driving movements and shaping the clothing and attire landscape.

Some of those fashion-conscious celebs are sports stars, who when they are not on the American football field or the basketball court are strutting their stuff on catwalks or flaunting their threads on Hollywood boulevard.

Here are just some of the pro NBA athletes who are making waves in the fashion world and whose social media feeds are a hot hunting ground for fashion tips and trend signifiers.

Men's Fashion Tips from NBA Stars

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Once their baggy shorts and vests go in the wash, basketball players are increasingly brushing up with striking results

James Harden – Netting Himself Fashion Collaborations

The Brooklyn Nets are undergoing something of a renaissance under the guidance of former NBA playing legend Steve Nash with the team constantly delivering for those sports fans who like to bet on their basketball.

However, some of the new Nets members are bringing so much more to the court than just parlay slam dunks and odds-defying three pointers, boasting the sort of wardrobes that models would be envious of. While Harden will always be expected to make appearances in the likes of PointsBet sportsbook reviews, ESPN shows, or as part of Sports Illustrated special features, he is now combining those appearances with ones in top fashion magazine and websites too.

The style chief leading this trend is NBA All-Star James Harden, who combines burly facial hair with snappy suits, colorful shirts, and inventive accessories to produce a look that is one of a kind.

While his different outfit combinations probably won’t get traction in sports-dedicated content, they certainly do turn heads in the fashion world, with popular brands like Adidas and Y-3 jumping at the chance to collaborate with this multi-faceted mover and shaker.

Men's fashion tips from NBA Stars

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The days of NBA players solely wandering around in chinos and polo shirts are well and truly over

Chris Paul – Combining Comfort with Style

It’s one thing managing to be a fashion icon when you live and work in the Big Apple, but quite another when you manage the feat while plying your trade in Phoenix, Arizona. But that is exactly what Chris Paul has done, still pouring in points as ever, while also ensuring his threads are on point once the final buzzer sounds and he hits the street.

Paul’s fashion calling cards of choice include patterned trousers, as well as t-shirts that do not shy away from sending a message, such as those created by revered designer Pyer Moss.

His combining of slick streetwear and campus inspired comfort wear mean he always stands out wherever he goes, a look that has even had the likes of GQ magazine feeling compelled to do a feature on his wardrobe choices.


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Serge Ibaka – A True One-Of-A Kind

While many players on this list certainly do not mind throwing caution to the wind when it comes to how they dress before heading out to face the cameras and hordes or screaming fans, few are quite as daring as the Congolese LA Clipper, Serge Ibaka.

Ibaka has become known for having jaws hit the deck every time he steps into a room, using all of his huge frame to rock flamboyant hats, man skirts, and seriously chunky scarves. He will not be needing too many of the latter in LA, but did when he used to play for the Toronto Raptors.

Many of the people who combine a passion for basketball and fashion view Ibaka as the MVP of the NBA fashion stakes, although others on this list would no doubt contest that observation.

Carmelo Anthony – La La Lovely Threads

The man affectionately known as La La has been lighting up NBA parquet boards for years and he is equally adept at attracting attention off the court as well, often thanks to loud and highly expressive outfits. However, whereas most players simply fold or hang away their clothes after using them, Anthony goes further with a website that is partly dedicated to showcasing his ever-developing style. is now a one-stop shop for anyone looking to really nail that quintessential modern basketball look, that is easy on the eye but never reneges on panache.

Melo himself is also a regular at New York Fashion week and is well known for collaborating with everyone from high-end to high-street brands and labels.

Russell Westbrook – An Outfit for Every Occasion

He is perhaps the only player in the league able to match up to the daring of Ibaka when it comes to clothes, and Russell Westbrook almost appears to revel in proving both his sports and fashion doubters wrong. Of course, like any pioneer he is bound to make style missteps here or there, but in the main he tends to get things spot on.

The Washington Wizard does not have what you would call one defined style, tending to flipflop between a whole range of varied looks. But one tip that everyone can take from him is that staying on trend is never just about being right all the time, and that sometimes being wrong is exactly what the style gods want and expect from their most dedicated disciples.

Unfortunately for Westbrook, the Wizards have been anything but magical this NBA season, but we are pretty sure that will not dampen this star’s enthusiasm for a fresh look.

Kyle Kuzma – Keeping Things Young and Fresh

Readers may have noticed by this point that many of the players featured are quite advanced in years, having been around the league for what seems like forever.

While it is true that most of the NBA’s style gurus are veterans of the sport, there are young guns such as Kyle Kuzma who are blazing their own trail; spotting new trends that their ageing counterparts might overlook.

The LA Laker is incredibly adept at mixing it up between business attire and effortless casual lines, all helped by the fact he is dashingly good looking.


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